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    Art, for me, is a selfish act. I use my practice as a way to process, contextualize, and come to terms with the ever-changing space I occupy, specifically my anxieties about the future of our environment. It would be an understatement to say that we are living in interesting times. So, in the midst of these “interesting” times, I feel that, my work should be a visual record of the issues I am focusing on. These issues have either inspired me and given me hope or ones that have rattled me the most. My work is far more literal than conceptual, because its purpose is to create order in the chaos. My goal is to spread awareness and educate viewers about the world that they interact with and the repercussions of this relationship. 
    Often my artwork specifically references our declining and altering environment and how humans are the sole accelerator to global climate change. I consider myself an environmentalist and I believe that art, is one of the most universal ways to share these concepts. Each piece should make a viewer stop and look again, not to just appreciate the work, but to think about how it’s relevant to them and the space they occupy. Although the mediums of my work may vary, I consistently display my challenge of converting three dimensional global issues into bite sized two dimensional ones. These reoccurring concerns and issues help establish my works’ collective theme of awareness and thought-provoking concepts of environmentalism.



As a fine artist based in Baltimore Maryland, Adde Gross is always looking for the next opportunity to translate life experiences into art. Since 2012, she has led a life fully devoted to the arts. Through a meticulous approach to the arts, she's made a strong and positive impression in the industry. Receiving her BFA in painting from Salisbury University, she has continued to develop her skills and their love of creation. Adde is currently enrolled in a MAT program to expand into her teaching career. She would love to work with you in the future, so please be in touch!

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